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Are you worried about that dead tree in your yard falling on your house? How about the insects and other critters that will be attracted to that stump on your property? Our crew at Arbor Tree Service can get rid of them, fast. We work twice as hard as any other tree service to make sure the job is done right, the first time.

Complete tree removal, no matter the height

It doesn't matter how tall or wide the tree or stump is that you need to have removed, we're up to the task. Our team has over 20 years' experience removing even the toughest of stumps and trees. Call us today at 931-455-3706 to schedule an appointment to get rid of those dead, sick, or inconvenient trees.

Raise the skirt level on your trees

If you have a tree that's blocking a view or unhealthy branches at the bottom. Removing lower limbs can enhance your view by raising the skirt level of your tree.

Get rid of that ugly stump or dead tree